Analytics for Automotive

The automotive industry faces more competition than ever with the influx of national online retailers leveraging unlimited marketing spend.  At Driven Data, we believe in the power and importance of local dealerships, and we want to help them defend their business by protecting their current customers and maximizing every ad dollar.

Loyalty Lock audiences and our custom analytics dashboard will keep current customers coming back and improve processes to make sure your customers are for life.



Loyalty Matters

What are you doing to lock in your loyalty?

Currently, dealerships are seeing the largest migration of their customer bases to the competition ever in auto history.

While everyone knows the best customer to sell to is one you've sold before, it's become more challenging than ever to do so. When someone buys a new car they are about 2.5x more likely to purchase another car from that dealership vs if they buy used. 

The cost of acquiring a new customer is about 5x more than retaining a current one, so what can dealers do to keep those familiar customers coming back? Include a loyalty strategy as part of your marketing mix.

Prevent your customers from defecting, stopping them before they click on the competition by implementing our Loyalty Lock strategy that combines custom first-party audiences with strategic keywords to pick up any customers who might be searching for your services, but not for you. 

Suppression - Intentional Exclusion

Have you ever received an advertisement for something you recently purchased? It's a bad experience for the customer, and it's a waste of money for the advertiser.

Thankfully, this is avoidable for Driven Data customers.  Because we connect to your first-party data, we're able to quickly and reliably remove people from retargeting audiences, saving marketing budgets on average 10%.

Now, imagine how powerful that is at a group level. With suppression, you can stop marketing to customers who have been shopping other stores in your group.

If your advertising isn’t connected to your transactional data, you’re wasting up to 15% of your ad dollars advertising to people who recently purchased or serviced with you.

It’s time to stop paying for deals you've already won by using our audience suppression tools.

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Add the Driven Data audiences to enhance your marketing today. From basic starter packages to everything you need end to end, we have a plan that will work for everyone. Learn more about our different offerings and speak to our Sales team today.

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Driven Data can work with your current marketing provider or you can use our team from beginning to end. Bring your own creative or allow our creative team to bring you top of the line advertising. With one click, our marketing team can turn on our audiences, enhancing your advertising in as little as a few seconds. Even after we set up our features, our  Client Success team will follow up with monthly calls, providing you with up to date reports on your performance.

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