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We don't want to be a replacement for internal marketing teams, or even current marketing partners.  We bring all of our capabilities to the table to augment your efforts with a special set of skills crafted over years of digital practice in the automotive space.  And while nobody in the industry can do what we can do when it comes to creating and delivering custom audiences, we certainly can't claim to be the only team in automotive delivering marketing.

So you choose how we augment your business.

You want to use our custom audiences on your own? Perfect!

How will you augment your marketing?

Augment for Agencies

Augment was designed for more than dealerships.

Driven Data works directly with marketing partners to incorporate Augment into your ad campaign strategies. Use our audiences and analytics to level up your campaigns and provide your customers with data and feedback that the other agencies lack.


Augment for Dealerships

When you add Augment to your dealership, you are unlocking the full potential of all of your data. Enhance your automotive marketing campaigns with Augment's effective audiences and analytics.

Loyalty Lock

To prevent your customers from defecting to your competition, our Loyalty Lock feature is provided in each package. By combining targeted keywords and dynamic custom audiences, Loyalty Lock is the always-on solution to stops your customers from clicking on your competitor's ads.

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Choose how we augment your business.

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