Posted by Jon Berna on Oct 21, 2019 12:23:27 AM

At Driven Data we engineer your marketing.  The heart of our approach is connecting all of your customer data to your campaigns.  This industry first capability allows us to personalize the experience both new and previous customers have with your marketing. 

Customers today expect relevant advertising and dealerships have struggled to refine their messaging to match where the customer is in their unique purchase journey in modern marketing mediums like search and social.

Cuctomer Journey

1st party audiences

By understanding and grouping your prior customers into audiences we are now able to communicate much more effective messaging specifically catered to where they are in the customer journey.  Alternatively, if we want to have a message specifically for new customers, we can suppress your prior customers.

Customer Journey Warning

We tailor the marketing experience across 3 primary groups: 

Awareness > Consideration > Action

If a customer previously purchased from you we disable awareness ads and instead focus the marketing on retention for service and when they are in their sales prediction window.

Awareness > Consideration > Action

We remarket the customer on both Google and Facebook’s platforms to synchronize the advertising experience across both channels

On paid search we focus our targeting by drive time vs a simple radius.  This dramatically improves the relevancy of the ads and removes wasted impressions.  Search by drive time vs radius is vastly superior yet nearly all automotive digital marketing companies only use radius based search.

Awareness > Consideration > Action

The moment a customer creates a lead in the CRM or purchases in the DMS we stop serving ads to this customer.  This capability allows us to save you 10-15% that would be typically wasted on customers who’ve already purchased from you.

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