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Over the last few months, Driven Data, the only data-first automotive marketing platform, has added 3 new members to its Digital Arts Team as we continue to grow in numbers and in expertise.

As demand for creative content has continued to grow, we ramped up our Digital Arts Team and added new talent - each bringing their own expertise and creativity. Meet its newest members.


nathan squareNathan Welp, Digital Arts Manager

While not new to Driven Data, Nathan was recently promoted to Digital Arts Manager in February. He is a Ball State alum where he studied Telecommunications with a focus on Digital Video Production and a minor in Digital Publishing. While in school, he also dedicated his time to an auto dealership where he managed the photography and videography for a traveling autocross event. Since 2019, Nathan has proven that he one of Driven Data's star creators. His experience in the automotive industry mixed with his immense knowledge in graphic design makes him a phenomenal leader in our Digital Arts Department. When he’s not working, you can find Nathan enjoying his free time skateboarding.


Gianna SquareGianna Romero, Digital Arts Specialist

Gianna aka Gigi, is new to Driven Data but not to graphic design. She majored in Industrial Design and minored in Design for Sustainability at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in Georgia. Gigi worked freelance for a branding company based out of Atlanta, GA for a while, providing a more humanistic and emotional approach to branding. Going in to Driven Data, she will use the approach that simplicity is the key to getting a point across to the masses especially when dealing with advertising to different cultures or personalities. Gianna dedicates most of her free time to the craft of embroidery. Her once quarantine hobby has now turned into an Esty shop where she has created her own brand, range of different products, philosophy,  and package line to share with people all over the world! She also enjoys the snow, skiing and hiking in the mountains, as well as getting lost in a cheesy romance novel. 


Michelle Copy - Copy

Michelle Wang, Digital Arts Specialist

Michelle is another one of Driven Data’s newest members of the Digital Arts Team. She completed her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing Analytics at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. While in undergrad, she spent most of her time as a design freelancer and social media content creator. Later, she completed an externship as a Google Ads campaign manager at an educational non-profit, and served as Junior Social Media Chair at her regional branch of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. The experience that came with creating various visual social content also filled her digital landscape toolbelt with all the skills she will need to succeed in her role here at Driven Data. When she’s not patiently waiting for Halloween so she can guiltlessly indulge in Reese’s, she enjoys biking, dabbling in photography, or playing Animal Crossing.

matt square

Matt Etheridge, Digital Arts Specialist

Matt is also a new face at Driven Data, who brings over a decade of experience that will help him to succeed in the Digital Art Department. He attended Indiana University where he studied Studio Art. Having previously worked in the newspaper industry where he assisted companies in the migration from Print advertising to Digital Marketing, Matt understands just how fast-paced the advertising world can be. He uses his love of learning to keep up with these constant changes and is always evolving and improving his work. On his ideal weekend, you'll have to look quick, but you will find Matt hitting speeds up to 50mph going down steep hills on his longboard. 



With these great additions to Driven Data's Digital Arts team, we now have dedicated creators for Luxury, Domestic, and Import dealers. Now, more than ever, we are capable of delivering stronger results to our current customers while bringing new dealerships in to the fold.

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