Posted by Jon Berna on Oct 23, 2019 4:10:56 PM

I am so proud to announce that we are blazing the trail into the next phase of marketing intelligence and data analysis, through recent updates to our Driven Data platform.

For the last year, our team has worked exhaustively to develop the first fully connected marketing platform for paid search and paid social. Our product now delivers unparalleled features in the process of ad delivery from start to finish.

The power of our reporting platform unlocks existing business and consumer data the dealership already has to help our dealer partners sell and service way more vehicles, way more efficiently. Watching our customers achieve real-time improvements in their marketing and ad performance in a matter of days has made me so excited for their future and ours. The vision we had for a valuable product is actually bringing value to our customers, and there’s no better feeling.

We call our strategy 'Prescriptive Marketing,' the approach that is purpose-built for the age of efficiency. Here are some of the top new features that bring enhanced marketing capability to our customers, from beginning to end of the ad cycle:

  1. Digital asset management system to house and dynamically distribute videos and images into ads, reducing human error with manual placement
  2. Budget optimization engine that optimizes daily spend based on predicting how fast cars will sell at different budget levels
  3. Automated bidding optimization means our platform makes over 150k adjustments to paid search campaigns per month
  4. Target your database of previous sales and service customers predicted to be in market using real-time paid search and paid social changes
  5. Dynamic reconditioning in ads lets you showcase internal maintenance items like tires, brakes and alignments based on customer insights
  6. Accurate payments for every new and preowned car are displayed in both Facebook and Google Ads
  7. Ad personalization powered by our 1st party audiences from your CRM and DMS
  8. Maintenance-free landing pages that are personalized to each customer’s data
  9. Recent customer suppression to cut the waste of serving ads to customer after their purchase
  10. All connected to our end to end dealership analytics platform with 100s of dealership specific KPIs

Driven Data’s platform collects and connects inventory, operational metrics, incentive data, and customer data into one marketing platform.  Then, it goes a step further with reporting and strategic recommendations. Driven Data provides marketing that is connected, optimized and personalized for today’s consumer expectations.

I am so proud of what our team has achieved with this tool and can’t wait to see more and more dealerships power smarter marketing efforts.

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Jon Berna
Founder and CEO



Topics: Marketing, Product, Machine Learning, Paid Social, Paid Search

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