Posted by Brooke Devine on May 12, 2021 4:30:50 PM
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The time to enhance your audience and conquest customers from the competition has come. Driven Data, enhanced with the powerful tools of Quorum, can help you modernize your marketing.

As inventory shortages are driving prices up, some dealers are having to find new ways to compete. The increased competition has caused dealerships to fall short of their volume and gross goals. It may seem like the only strategy to bring customers to your lot and away from the competition is to market solely on the price of a vehicle, but that is not the case anymore. 

Digital marketing is the most influential experience that you can provide to a customer, aside from having a face-to-face conversation. This means that your digital presence makes a huge difference in a buyer’s decision. Many dealers know that once they can get a customer on their lot, that the incentives that they offer – whether it be an extended warranty, free carwashes, or an unbeatable service package – will sell itself. The question then becomes: “How do you bring the customers from your competitors’ lot, to yours?” Change the way you advertise. 


Directly Target Customers in Motion 

Driven Data has teamed up with Quorum to deliver an additional advantage to our customers. Along with using your first-party data to create custom audienceswe can now target in-market shoppers who have recently visited your competitors.  

Quorum knows what devices have been on which competitor’s lots in your area and Driven Data can use this information to enhance a dealership’s custom audiences in Facebook. By having the ability to pin-point exactly where consumers have shopped, we can target specific messages to these audiences who have recently been on a competitor's lot.  


Benefit from Your Competitor’s Ad Spend 

When you have access to such specific data, you unlock opportunities that have never been available to anyone before.  Imagine being able to send a salesperson to talk to all the in-market shoppers you hadn't yet been able to address.  Marketing can be an expensive purchase and for a rural dealer to have to constantly compete with a massive dealership in the city with a much larger advertising budget, it can seem like a constant uphill battle. With Quorum’s location-based data, you can target your ads specifically to in market shoppers that are a direct result of your competitor’s ad spend. While your neighbor up the street may have brought a consumer to shop, your targeted ad, showcasing your unique why buy here campaign, will be the reason your dealership has the final sale. 


Utilize a Service Incentive 

The current chip shortage has heavily restricted new car inventory, which in turn has caused an increase to both the number of older cars on the road, as well as how long these vehicles are being driven forThese changes will bring a high demand for serviceand now there has never been a better time for a dealership to advertise an amazing service program or warranty that they offer with the purchase of a vehicle. Reach customers that you did not even know existed through Quorum and draw them in with an attractive marketing piece created by Driven Data specifically for your dealership. When shoppers see that your business and staff will be the ones that are there for them when the time for their first service comes, it will be an easy decision to drive down the street and give you their business instead.  

The price war is now a value war, and with Driven Data, you can send your value message directly to buyers who've shopped your competitors. Contact our Sales Team today to learn about our special offers for both current and new customers. You will be amazed by what Driven Data, together with Quorum, can do for your dealership. 

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