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Driven Data connects inventory, operational metrics, incentive data and customer data into one marketing platform.  Providing marketing that is connected, optimized and personalized.

Our platform was built to first understand the data that led to your dealership's performance, second to leverage it in marketing.  Every other marketing product's reporting platform was designed to justify it’s own performance.  We built ours first, to inform our approach and the strategic recommendations we bring your team.

So what is the status quo for the monthly review call?

Typically by the 5th of the month your meet with digital marketing account manager.  They ask:

  • So how did you do last month?
  • What do you want to run this month?
  • Email me your specials and I will build the new creative


It's now the 11th of the month, finally the new campaign changes are done. However:

  • Store has under performed due to having an out of date marketing message for the first 1/3 of the month

It's now time for the next monthly account review call on 6th of the next month.  They ask:

  • So how did you do last month?
  • We are hearing most of the stores are down.
  • How was closing rates?
  • Website traffic still looks good!
  • Send me you CRM login, I can do a deep dive. 
  • We really need to increase spend if we want to compete

It's time elevate the status quo

The best dealerships are always getting better.  They have the vision to see how they can double their business in the next year, they have the intelligence to know how to and they have a strategy their team believes in to do it. 

Prescriptive Marketing Team

Dealerships that understand their overall path towards their long-term objectives have a strategy that defines the types of tactics they will deploy.  The strategy is the design and intelligence, the tactics are the actions you take to achieve them.

We know where you are heading.  We forecast our your sales 6 months into the future. 

Our team understand the impact leads, sales people, inventory and marketing has on sales.Forecast Chart

Our Diagnostic Engine monitors all of your metrics and alerts us when your stores is up/down 10% versus last year or last month. 

If your digital agency has to ask you how many cars you sold and serviced last month they are flying blind.  Diagnostics Engine

Our Universal Benchmarks allow us to anonymously compare your dealership to every dealership on our platform.

We normalize each metric to make sure it is relevant to your dealership.  Now you can see how you stack up against the top 10% of our dealerships on over 30 metrics.

Universal Benchmarks

Driven Data is the first platform that combines your strategy and tactics in both marketing and operations. Built for the next era of automotive, the age of efficiency.


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