Posted by Jon Berna on Oct 20, 2019 10:00:10 PM

At Driven Data, we don’t use the term “team” lightly. We pride ourselves on supporting not only the many dealerships we serve, but one another. Helping each other get better and holding one another up when approaching complex data problems has been a cornerstone of our journey to the forefront of the industry. Everything we accomplish is done together, as a team.

While my experience building Driven Data has been unforgettable, it’s rivaled only by my time in the United States Navy. The level of camaraderie and personal connection from serving in our armed forces is something that not only I, but millions of veterans, feel every day. There’s an undeniable level of personal sacrifice, discipline, and sense of mission you get from such a commitment to your country. These values are truly special and something I am so grateful to have experienced, especially at a young age.

Having the opportunity to learn the virtue of these traits has directly contributed to the culture we’ve set out to establish at Driven Data. The company is defined by the willingness everyone on our team has to support each other. Thankfully, these values are second nature to anyone who has worn a uniform and served.  That’s why I’m so excited to work alongside three other veterans right here at Driven Data. Though everyone on our team is devoted to providing excellent service and develop game-changing tech, I wanted to take a quick opportunity to call out my fellow servicemen.

First up, there’s Derek, our steadfast Director of Onboarding. Derek served in the United States Navy as well, specializing in submarines. Next, we have Glenn, our Director of Software Development. During his time in the United States Navy, he worked in advanced avionics, which should be no surprise considering how high he has our digital products flying. Lastly, our software engineer Jory is proud to be part of the United States Marine Corps.

The insights all four of us received during our tenure with the Armed Forces have proven to be a huge asset to the business. But it’s not just us pushing for a united team.

All the folks at Driven Data are dedicated to our mission of helping dealerships across the US and the absolute privilege it is to serve them every day.

Derek Denney
Director of Onboarding
United States Navy: Submarines ETV SS E-4

Glenn Antoine
Director of Software Development
United States Navy: Advanced Avionics AT1 P3 Orion

Jory Grillo
Software Engineer
United States Marines: Field Artillery Fire Direction and Control E-5

Jon Berna 
United States Navy: Advanced Avionics AT3 SH-60 Helicopters


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