Posted by Aaron Nicely on Oct 5, 2020 10:16:53 AM
Aaron Nicely

There are a bunch of ways to market automobiles.  Some ways are better than others.  One way is the best. We’re auto’s only Data-First agency, and we’re crushing it.

Let’s face it, anyone can make an ad. With daily advances in marketing technology, anyone can create a lot of ads. Unfortunately for car dealers, making a lot of ads, even generating a lot of clicks, doesn’t mean selling more cars.

That’s where Driven Data comes in. Before we create a single ad for you, we start with your data. And not just some of your data…all of it. We pull in your entire CRM history, all the data in your DMS, everything from your service department, all your website history, and more. Then, we get to work.

More specifically, the Insight Engine gets to work. We take all that information from all those different sources and bring it together so we can see the entire digital history of your dealership. When that’s done, our machine learning platform gets to work understanding your sales team, your inventory, and most importantly, your customers. We learn who your customers are, what their shopping habits are like, and when and what they’re mostly likely to purchase.

Our proprietary custom audiences make our marketing more effective because we can show the right ad to the right person at the right time. You’ve probably heard other agencies claim that, and if you’re showing all your ads to everybody, you’re bound to get it right sometimes. But we know we’re getting it right because we have the industry’s first true attribution model that shows exactly how many vehicles were purchased or serviced by the people we marketed to. Nobody else can do that. 

We can even stop ads from getting to people who you don't want to see them.  Because we update our audiences daily, we can remove and block people who recently purchased from your store, keeping them from making costly clicks if they need to get back in touch with you.  Some of our customers have saved 10% of their spend by excluding people calling back about anything from picking up their vehicle from service to we-owes from sales.

Why does that matter? It matters because you don’t just want more leads, you want to sell more cars. What you really want are qualified low funnel leads. More than that, you want people walking into your store to buy a car or service their current vehicle. That’s what we deliver. But we’re making a bit of a leap here, aren’t we? We’ve marketed to the right customers, but how have we turned them in to buyers?

The short answer is… transparency. It’s a scary word, right? You can’t show your hand to the customer! You don’t have to. All you have to show is payment options they can actually get. The best kind of buyer is a shopper with a monthly budget. Our ads, unlike anyone else’s, show penny-perfect monthly payments to the customer. Those ads lead the customer to inventory they can actually afford, your inventory, and buy taking all the guess work and mystery out of the process, by removing the disconnect between of the total price of the car and what the actual monthly payment is, you earn the shoppers trust, and they walk through your doors with realistic expectations and information that you can deliver on.

What’s a data-first agency? An agency that doesn’t wait for months to refine your ad process but uses your own data to match your customers to your vehicles. We know who is shopping for what, even from where, before we spend a cent of your budget. That makes all the difference. You won’t need more leads when buyers walk into your dealership with their payment already in hand. That’s the power of a data-first agency. That’s Driven Data.

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