Incentive Ads

Sometimes, customers need a little extra bonus to entice them to click to learn more. An enticing Incentive Ad—showcasing a promotion or special you currently have on offer—is an effective way to do this. Whether it’s a low monthly payment or a free upgrade, our Digital Arts Team will create an eye catching and successful incentive ad that drives customers to your door.

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Motion Graphics/Video Animation

Do you want to tap into an interactive way to bring your communications to life while increasing and maintaining customer interest? A motion graphics video (an animation with images and sounds that uses text as the main messaging component) is the answer. Keeping the customer entertained with video drives higher levels of engagement, brand awareness, and ultimately, action. Let our creative team work their magic and show you just how exciting your ads can be.

Unique Ad Campaigns

Are you offering a killer deal for service or trade ins? Is your sales team bilingual? Stand out from the pack with one of our unique ad campaigns. These campaigns are the perfect opportunities to tell your customers the unique ways that your dealership is the one they should buy from. 

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The Whole Package

When you add Driven Data's Creative Augment Package, you gain full access not only to our data, but to our entire team of graphic designers. Are you getting the most from your ads?