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Our marketing platform is fueled by digital automation, but behind it all, our Digital Arts team produces stunning visuals that compliment campaign strategy, keeping customers engaged and excited as they move through your sales funnel.

We offer a variety of packages to compliment your marketing strategy, with ads targeted for sales and service.  We make everything from website banners and pixel-perfect social media ads to motion graphics videos and cutting edge streaming video content.

Driven Data has always had great creative capabilities, and we continue to enhance our team. With recent additions we now have dedicated creators for Luxury, Domestic, and Import dealers. Our Digital Arts team can make any kind of creative you need to support any dealership, group, LMA, or OEM.


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Incentive Ads

Incentive Ads are a type of digital marketing that showcase any promotions or specials you are offering to encourage a wide audience of customers to choose your dealership for their next car purchase. These adds are beneficial because let's face it, sometimes, customers need a little extra bonus to entice them to click to learn more. This is where the incentive comes into play - who does love a good deal!?  Advertising an enticing incentive is an effective way to get a customer's attention. Our Digital Arts team works with dealerships to help them to constantly update these incentives, so customers stay up to date on new monthly specials and offers.  Whether it be a low monthly payment or a free upgrade, our digital arts team will create an eye catching and successful incentive ad that will drive customers to your door.



Motion Graphic Videos

A motion graphics video ad features an animation with images and sounds, with text still serving as the main component. These videos are an interactive way to help better get your message and story across to the customer while making sure you keep their attention and interest. When you incorporate a motion graphics video in your ad, you keep the customer entertained which leads to higher levels of engagement. This will also help to create brand awareness for your dealership and give you an advantage over the competition. Let our creative team work their magic and show you just how exciting and entertaining your ads can be.

OTT Video - Streaming Video

Over-the-top (OTT) refers to the delivery of content through internet streaming without the requirement of a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service- think Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and smart TVs. With less and less people subscribing to traditional cable everyday, OTT is becoming one of the fastest growing and most used advertising platforms available. Your ads will be seen by potential customers right in their living rooms when they use popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. OTT is different than the more traditional online video ads because instead of only advertising to one viewer searching for specific content, your ad is seen by multiple users on that streaming platform. OTT is also more effective than a traditional online video ad because it can't be skipped or the tab just be closed. Instead, future customers will now find themselves watching your add while they wait to start binge watching their newest show. Allow Driven Data's Digital Arts team to guide you in this popular world of advertising and you will be amazed to see its effective results.


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