What is Auto Encabulator Marketing?

We know what you are thinking: "How did I go from clicking on a cupcake with some serious Alice in Wonderland vibes to ending up on the Driven Data website?"

We may not know how it happened, but we are so happy you are here. Keep scrolling to find out what is really is going on, who that guy in the video is, and what's with the cupcake. 


[en•cab•u•late]  verb

the act of using non-sense words in an effort to make someone or something sound better than it is. Commonly used in sales calls and accompanied by delicious treats (i.e. red velvet cupcakes) to maximize the distraction from the truth.

"Chad said his product, the Rocketship Post-Accelerometer 6.4, uses 'vector fudging...' he was definitely encabulating."

Source: Driven Data Dictionary, 2021.

Meet Chad.

Look familiar?

You may recognize that man holding the cupcake. That familiar face is Chad, who has been in the business of encabulating for over 40 years.


His most famous work was when he introduced Rockwell Automotive's Retro Encabulator in 1997. 


Before his big break with the Retro Encabulator, Chad worked at Chrysler, where he worked alongside the famous Bud Haggart and introduced the Turbo Encabulator in 1977. 


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Today, Chad is the proud owner of Auto Encabulator Marketing.

Chad has taken his 4 decades of experience in encabulating to the automotive marketing world. He is here to sway you with extensive knowledge and very delicious red velvet cupcakes. 

AEM_Mike Only



Have you ever been encabulated?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. Today, we constantly see marketing companies providing false information about the services they can provide to dealerships. They tell you that they will use data to create successful ad campaigns that will be well worth the money that you spend to hire them- but where are they getting this "data" from and how are they actually using it?

The first-party data that belongs to your dealership is one of the most vital assets that you own. When your marketing partner is connected to your dealership, you can make those important deicisons confidently, knowing that you are trusting more than just your gut. 

Don't trust the cupcake.

Driven Data's platform allows your CRM, DMS and Inventory data to communicate cohesively, in one environment, in near real time. The efficiency may sound to good to be true, but you don't see us offering you any cupcakes, do you?

All jokes aside, we created Auto Encabulator Marketing to represent everything that Driven Data is not. We are real people, using real data - YOUR data. Our platform uses the highest privacy compliant standards, is simple to understand, and is affordable.

Chad and Cupcake

Never get encabulated again.

At Driven Data, we promise to always give our clients complete visibility into our product and process. We use your dealership's data to identify a problem and THEN we a establish a solution tailored specifically to you − never the other way around. 

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The story behind all these encabulators.

As you can see, this "encabulator" skit, whether it be a turbo, retro, or auto encabulator, has been going on for a while now- basically becoming one of the longest running inside-jokes in history. Click below to really get in on the joke and see where this crazy idea all started.

Learn the real story about "Chad."

For starters, Chad's name is actually Mike. Although Mike really has been the encabulator spokesperson for years, thankfully, his sale's pitches are about as real as "consumer drip awareness." Click below to learn about his amazing journey to becoming "Chad.