Daily Impact of COVID-19 on Dealerships

All reports automatically update each night on the most important metrics dealerships monitor to understand the real impact this has on business. 

Last Data Updated: 8/13/2020


Average Overall Dealership Lead Traffic

Standardized CRM and DMS data with showroom, phone and internet leads as well as total sales by day


Average Overall Dealership Service Repair Orders

Standardized DMS data with customer pay, internal and warranty repair orders by day


Average Overall Dealership Primary Website Traffic

Standardized Google Analytics Data with Sessions and % of New Users by day


Average Overall Dealership FrikinTech Website Traffic

Digital Marketing of Shop from Home by Payment with Sessions and % of New Users by day

How we did this 
Our Universal Architecture

The foundation of Driven Data's Marketing Platform is the industries most advanced universal architecture that unifies and standardizes all CRM, DMS, Inventory and marketing data across nearly all providers into a massive single environment.

In 2015 we started development of an end to end reporting platform with every metrics from sales, service, leads, appointments and digital marketing.

This allows us to see industry-wide trends on every metric in way that very few companies can. 

If you have questions or would like to contact us about an idea to add to this project please contact:

Jon Berna, CEO Driven Data

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Success is in the details.

These are a few of our customers' favorite tools for data-driven marketing confidence.

Data & Insights

Access advanced reporting on all of the most important metrics for each department for a truly connected strategy.

Universal Benchmarks

See how you stack up against the best dealerships on every metric.


Accurately predict sales six months in the future using a blend of variables including seasonality, weighted trends, digital behaviors, and others.

Diagnostics Engine

Resolve concerns and get your process back on track by monitoring everything from Web, CRM, Inventory, DMS, and paid search.

Prescriptive Social & Search Marketing

Optimize each campaign to increase engagement and conversion at every stage by leveraging the operation data from your CRM, DMS, and Inventory.

Dynamic Reconditioning Information

Showcase internal maintenance items like tires, brakes, and alignments with their values directly inside ads.

Budget Optimization Engine

Optimize your spend based on all dealership data in our system and how many days we predict each vehicle will take to sell.

Incentives & Rebates

Leverage lease and loan payments on every vehicle in ads automatically. Powered by Market Scan

Digital Asset Management

Host your images and videos with us to easily connect them to your marketing.

Maintenance-free Landing Pages

Provide the best customer experience with flexible rules to ensure accurate payments and vehicle information.


More than just technology.

Technology is most effective when combined with a team of industry experts. We're automotive people on a mission to help dealerships grow their business. You'll work with:


Join the dealerships selling and servicing more cars with Driven Data.





First Party Audiences





Budget Optimization Engine





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