How Do You Lock in Your Loyalty?

We did the math, and it's clear that customer loyalty is at an all time low.  With the entrance of new national competitors into local markets, it's imperative that the automotive industry gets ahead of the challenges that will follow the decline of customer retention. Driven Data has developed Loyalty Lock as a solution to stop your customer's from going to the competition.

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Loyalty Lock

You can't bid on every car at auction, and you can't bid on every search term in Google.  Unfortunately, your competition can.  With Loyalty Lock, we build custom audiences of your most valuable customers, and when they search for keywords related to your dealership, including local and national sales and service competition, we make sure your ad shows up first for those select customers.


Who are your competitors?

Tell us who you want to protect your customers from and we will make sure they go on our radar. Customize your loyalty strategy to ensure your customers are protected.

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Intercepting Defection

Keywords are, well, key. When customers are shopping online for new cars and start searching dealerships, they are most likely about to purchase a new vehicle. This the ideal time to act to prevent them from defecting.

Loyalty Lock automatically connects the data from customers that you have previously sold, to terms that they are searching. This allows Driven Data to intercept the customer before they go to your competition.  

Unmatched Convenience 

The audiences that are used to drive the success of Loyalty Lock are automated so that they are constantly being updated. This means that instead of having to wake up every single day and import thousands and thousands of audiences into a campaign— we do it for you.

Affordable and Efficient Technology

The precision and timeliness of Loyalty Lock is what sets it apart from anything else in the automotive industry. 2 years in the making, our dynamic audiences will ensure your customer loyalty all while reducing ad spend.


Stay up to date with the Loyalty Trend

When we keep our ear to the ground, we're really keeping our eyes on the data. That's how we notice trends like declining retention rates before anyone else. That's how we have a plan to tackle it before anyone else.

Now, we're sharing our insights with you. We created our Live Stats page that tracks the changes in the loyalty, sales, performance, inventory and service trends in the automotive industry.

Never fall behind with our Live Stats that are updated everyday. Does your dealership beat the trends?