A New Way to Advertise

Cords are getting cut and OTT is on the rise.

OTT is the delivery of video, show, or movie content via the internet. This content is available anytime, anywhere, on any device, from any platform or network. If you have ever streamed video content to your phone, smart TV or computer, you have viewed OTT video. 

As viewers continue to cut the cord, OTT has become one of the fastest growing and most effective advertising platforms available. OTT delivers content straight to your audience through internet streaming without the requirement of traditional cable or satellite TV services.

Unlock the Benefits of OTT/Streaming

The power of TV with the targeting of digital— that's what OTT provides. The benefits that OTT/Streaming bring to the table are unlike any other when it comes to digital marketing. 

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Add OTT to your Marketing Strategy

Driven Data connects with OTT/Streaming platforms to serve ads using your first-party data. Our reporting tools track the performance of your video ads letting us know what ads were watched when and where. OTT targeting takes the guesswork out of broadcast TV. For the first time, video is scalable, measurable, and reliable — all for a low price.

Keep your marketing strategy up to date with OTT/Streaming.

The impact of switching from traditional broadcast TV to OTT is driving record success at dealerships across the country.  Are you ready to learn more about OTT? Fill out the form to speak with our Sales team about the benefits of using OTT in your marketing.

Powerful Measurements

The ability to measure OTT is what makes it such a powerful marketing tool. At Driven Data, our marketing team reviews the performance of our customer's ads to make sure their campaigns are always delivering the best results.

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OTT Portfolio
Watch some of our OTT Video Ads to see how OTT could work for your marketing.