We enable the dynamic delivery of your marketing campaigns with speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. The implementation is instant, the targeting is precise, and the highly-personalized messaging is impactful - for your customers and your dealership alike.


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Prescriptive Social

Is your dealership ready to take a proactive approach to its marketing, but it hasn’t found the tools to make it all happen? Driven Data’s Prescriptive Social advertising is here to help.

Prescriptive Social uses your dealership’s data together with competitor and peer data to identify slow-selling vehicles, establish spend allocation, and implement marketing prioritization that turns them faster.

The result? Your dealership or group spends the least amount of money to hit its goals in the shortest amount of time.


OTT Streaming Video

With less and less people subscribing to traditional cable services, Over-the-top (OTT) has become one of the fastest growing, most used, and most effective advertising platforms available. OTT delivers content straight to your audience through internet streaming without the requirement of a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service (think Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and smart TVs.) Driven Data’s Digital Arts Team can guide you through this new world, putting your ads in front of potential customers right in their living rooms via popular streaming services such as Hulu


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