We enable the dynamic delivery of your marketing campaigns with speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. The implementation is instant, the targeting is precise, and the highly-personalized messaging is impactful - for your customers and your dealership alike.


Prescriptive Social

Is your dealership ready to take a proactive approach to its marketing, but it hasn’t found the tools to make it all happen? Driven Data’s Prescriptive Social advertising is here to help.

Prescriptive Social uses your dealership’s data together with competitor and peer data to identify slow-selling vehicles, establish spend allocation, and implement marketing prioritization that turns them faster.

The result? Your dealership spends the least amount of money to hit its goals in the shortest amount of time.


Search Marketing

The past four years have seen increased keyword competition across the industry, with steadily rising CPC rates being a critical side effect for dealers who are trying to take advantage of this crucial channel.

Drive-Time geotargeting shows ads to only the most crucial customers, making each click worth the investment. Advertising only the vehicles you have in stock with the lowest available payments builds trust between the customer and your dealership.

Building trust with the right customers helps deliver great results for the customer, and for the dealership.


We help your business unlock, analyze, and act on the most impactful data available: your own. No more guesswork. No more gut feelings. No more trying to figure out what's important and what isn't. Driven Data makes data-driven strategy and tactics possible, profitable, and repeatable.



The average dealership creates over 36 MILLION data points. We connect to over 100 integration partners, including DMS sales and service, inventory, and CRM to harness them all. Driven Data not only gives you quick and easy access to all of that data, we provide you with an effortless understanding of the advanced relationships between areas like marketing engagement, pricing strategy, and sales.



Driven Data’s platform is built on a universal architecture that connects all your data across operations, marketing, sales, and service.

From being able to build strategies based on complete and accurate data, to informing targeted ad campaigns with first-party, dynamic custom audience information, data standardization is a critical component of your success.

This source-agnostic approach to data integrations—an area where many automotive retail technology providers are often challenged—is where Driven Data excels.


Our clients can compare and contrast their own data with competitive and contextual benchmarks from across the industry.

Set your goals based on real numbers from top performers, not gut-feelings or outdated industry benchmarks. Driven Data gives you the ability to analyze your strategy and results against the current market as trends develop by the day. You don’t have to wait for a monthly report when you have the latest metrics at your fingertips.


Digital Arts/Creative

Now that you’ve got a strong digital strategy in place, it makes sense to follow it up with strong creative execution. Put our professional creative team’s category experience, expertise, and talent to work designing the assets that transform your tactics into profits.

Driven Data’s Digital Arts team brings a diverse set of design backgrounds and skillsets to bear on a full range of creative assets. The team focuses on each client’s specific audiences, inventory, and overall strategy to build unique campaigns, and they do it all while constantly improving their own methods as both individuals and as a team.

Incentive Ads

Sometimes, customers need a little extra bonus to entice them to click to learn more. An enticing Incentive Ad—showcasing a promotion or special you currently have on offer—is an effective way to do this. Whether it’s a low monthly payment or a free upgrade, our Digital Arts Team will create an eye catching and successful incentive ad that drives customers to your door.


Motion Graphics/Video Animation

Do you want to tap into an interactive way to bring your communications to life while increasing and maintaining customer interest? A motion graphics video (an animation with images and sounds that uses text as the main messaging component) is the answer. Keeping the customer entertained with video drives higher levels of engagement, brand awareness, and ultimately, action. Let our creative team work their magic and show you just how exciting your ads can be.

OTT Streaming Video

With less and less people subscribing to traditional cable services, Over-the-top (OTT) has become one of the fastest growing, most used, and most effective advertising platforms available. OTT delivers content straight to your audience through internet streaming without the requirement of a traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service (think Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and smart TVs.) Driven Data’s Digital Arts Team can guide you through this new world, putting your ads in front of potential customers right in their living rooms via popular streaming services such as Hulu.