The average dealership creates over 36 MILLION data points. We connect to over 100 integration partners, including DMS sales and service, inventory, and CRM to harness them all. Driven Data not only gives you quick and easy access to all of that data, we provide you with an effortless understanding of the advanced relationships between areas like marketing engagement, pricing strategy, and sales.



Driven Data’s platform is built on a universal architecture that connects all your data across operations, marketing, sales, and service.

From being able to build strategies based on complete and accurate data, to informing targeted ad campaigns with first-party, dynamic custom audience information, data standardization is a critical component of your success.

This source-agnostic approach to data integrations—an area where many automotive retail technology providers are often challenged—is where Driven Data excels.


Our clients can compare and contrast their own data with competitive and contextual benchmarks from across the industry.

Set your goals based on real numbers from top performers, not gut-feelings or outdated industry benchmarks. Driven Data gives you the ability to analyze your strategy and results against the current market as trends develop by the day. You don’t have to wait for a monthly report when you have the latest metrics at your fingertips.