What is Suppression?

Suppression is the removal of consumers from an marketing campaign so they are not shown specific ads. 

Customers are placed into audiences that are categorized in a number of ways. By doing this, you are advertising only to a select group of people of your choosing. This improves the customer experience, increases the ad ROI and decreases your ad spend. 

How Does Suppression Work?

At Driven Data, we automatically suppress audiences that dealerships do not want to communicate with at certain times. Based on where a customer is in their journey with a car dictates what ads they see.

Watch our video to hear real world examples of when suppression is used in a dealership and the benefits of incorporating this strategy into your marketing.  

HubSpot Video

Save Money With Suppression

When you advertise only to the customers that will benefit from seeing the ad you serve them, not only will your marketing be more effective - it will also cost less.

Are you STILL advertising to customers who already bought from you? Stop paying for deals you've already won by excluding recent customers from seeing your advertising.

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Rethink the Way You Advertise

Customer experience means a lot. When you show relevant ads to a customer, not only does this make them feel special, but it shows of the professionalism of your dealership. Impress consumers by showing them how you stay connected.

Want to See How Suppression Can Help Your Marketing?

Speak to one of our Sales Team members to find out how you can add this feature to your marketing campaigns for as little as $699. Are you getting the most out of your ad spend?