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Jon Berna, Founder & CEO

Jon leads Driven Data’s vision, strategy, and growth, providing dealerships an analytics platform that serves as a long-term strategic asset.  He has a diverse background in leading teams working in the US Navy, online education as well as both single store and large automotive groups.  He decided to start Driven Data in the summer of 2013 by first working directly with dealerships all over the country on sales, marketing and process improvement to define exactly what they wanted in an automotive specific BI platform.  Major development started in April of 2015 and everything has been at break-neck speed since then growing our team and product.

I am inspired by how focused everyone in our team is to our mission to empower dealerships with data.  Everyone on our team is as talented as they come, each new problem we are presented with brings out the best in each of us.  Jon resides in Indianapolis and is reinforced by his incredible wife Ashley and two sons.

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Ryan Moore, CTO

Ryan has a strong, diverse background in the Information Technology world. In addition to automotive software, Ryan has worked in government, medical, education, legal, energy, and among other industries. Ryan has a long history of experience in DevOps and Software Engineering in many roles across many technology stacks. He also brings a love for mentoring and teaching as well as an appreciation and experience in many areas outside of the technical spectrum.

Outside of work, Ryan loves spending time with his family, golfing, being on water, and enjoying nature. His career in technology stems from a passion for all things technical in his personal life. From a young age Ryan started programming and fixing (and breaking) computers, routers, and anything he could get his hands on. This eventually expanded into a mentoring role tutoring other Computer Science majors in college in addition to helping local small businesses with IT consulting.

Ryan received his degree in Computer Science from Anderson University. In addition, Ryan has completed specialized certifications such as Microsoft Software Engineering certifications to SCRUM certifications and various other certifications. He views education as a never-ending pursuit in an effort to continually improve.

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Keith Larkowski, VP of Operations

Keith leads Driven Data’s sales and operational efforts for the company.  He brings a wealth of knowledge that stems from working in multiple vertices in the Automotive Industry.  Specifically, his experience is derived from working in Automotive Retail, Inventory Management, Procurement, Marketing, Wholesale, Operations and SaaS in multiple roles across many different sized companies.  Keith’s strengths lie in his ability to listen and inspire people.  He conveys great precision and economy of effort in both thought and language. 

In his free time, you can find Keith spending time with his family or wandering the links in the Midwest.  Keith has a passion for music and BBQ as well.  He’s a proud father of four beautiful children, a rascal of a dog and a loving wife. 

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Zach Hendrix, VP of Strategy

Zach leads Driven Data's strategic efforts. Zach joined the team in 2020, previously supporting roles in the automotive industry ranging from retail to OEMs. Zach has a passion and trade for enterprise sales and marketing and is a tech geek by hobby. After an exhaustive search and an attempt to create a solution that combined dealerships operational data for marketing purposes Zach and Jon connected and the rest is history.  


In his spare time, Zach is a student of human behavior and social science. He also enjoys playing soccer, surfing, and going on adventures with his two daughters. Zach is a Texan native, California transplant, currently residing in Costa Mesa California. 

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